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Who are seeking breast uplift and implants?

This week I’ve seen several patients who are seeking breast uplift and implants. Otherwise known as augmentation mastopexy. It strikes me after seeing several different types of patients requesting this surgery, that there are two main groups of patients who request this but actually need slightly different operations. The first type of patient is a woman who’s had children and has breast fed and has lost volume, such that the breasts have then become deflated and droopy. These patients require a small implant to restore lost volume particularly in the upper part of the chest as well as a lift to tighten up the skin and reduce the droopiness. As a small implant is being used and no breast tissue is being removed, this can be safely performed in one procedure.

However, there is a second group of patients who have larger, droopier breasts whom have not necessarily had children or breastfed and these patients often want lifted, firmer breasts and a rounder shape but I don’t believe that they’re expectations can be met with a single procedure. These patients actually would be served better if they had a formal breast reduction, so removal of the breast tissue, lifting of the nipple and tightening of the skin, followed three to six months later by insertion of medium to large breast implants although it’s possible to reverse the order of the procedures. This technique replaces the breast tissue, which is naturally prone to drooping over time, with a breast implant which maintains its shape permanently and because the implant is relatively big, it augments the volume in the upper part of the chest more effectively.

However, this technique does require two operations and that is because removing a significant amount of breast tissue whilst putting in big implants compromises the blood supply to the nipple, which can lead to the nipple not surviving the procedure and also lead to problems in healing. I think it’s very important to distinguish between a patient that is suitable for a breast uplift and implants in one operation and a patient that needs breast reduction, followed by large breast implants in two operations.


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