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Some great new technologies – HIFU and Miradry

I attended the CCR expo in London which is the aesthetic surgery conference and exhibition.

I was particularly interested to hear about the new technologies such as HIFU, which is high frequency ultrasound treatments for tightening the skin and reducing the fat content which helps improve the contour of the face, neck and body; I’m thinking about introducing this to my patients.

The other technology that appeals to me was something called Miradry which is a device that turns off some of the sweat glands in the armpit so you have permanent reduction in sweating. Neither of these treatments require needles or incisions of the skin involved and no anaesthetic is required.

I was also interested that the British Association of Prosthetics Plastic Surgeon’s Council has issued guidance to its members, for which I am one, that they do not recommended aesthetic plastic surgeons in the UK to undertake large volume fat transfer to the buttocks in a procedure known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift”. This is because there is a mortality or death rate associated with this procedure of 1 in 3000 and this occurs because of fat getting into the blood vessels and travelling to the heart and lungs. I think BAPPS have made a sensible decision although, they haven’t defined what volume of fat they regard as “large volume”. In my practice, I think the buttock area can be reshaped very well with liposuction alone i.e. removing fat from where there is an excess, this means that the buttocks can be made into a more aesthetically pleasing shape, also at the same time reducing the overall size of the buttocks. If the volume of the buttocks still requires increasing, the alternative is to use special implants.


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