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Mr Richard Baker – Weekly Blog

Understanding the different type of wrist injuries

This week I have seen a number of wrist injuries and I have been thinking about their natural history of and my approach to them. There are two general mechanisms of wrist injury which divide the patients into two groups.

The first group tends to be young men involved in a high energy injury such as coming off a motorcycle, coming off a bicycle at speed, falling off a skateboard, throwing a punch of falling from a height such as a ladder at work, for example.

The second group tends to apply to women and children in particular and is a lower energy injury, typically tripping over and landing on the outstretched hands.

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Mr Richard Baker Weekly Blog

How to improve results in tummy tuck surgery?

This week I’ve been thinking about how to improve results in abdominoplasty, or ‘tummy tuck’, surgery. The commonest causes of dissatisfaction after abdominoplasty are residual excess skin, particularly when bending forwards, excess skin in the flanks and fluid collection under the skin (seroma). It is important to warn patients before surgery that though the skin can be very tight on the day of surgery, it naturally relaxes over the following weeks to months so that inevitably there is some degree of returning laxity over the following year. However, it is nowhere near to the same extent as before the surgery. In addition, the patient doesn’t get new younger skin, they simply have the excess removed. Unfortunately, aging, weight gain and pregnancy all have the effect of thinning the skin such that it loses the firmness and elasticity of youth. Liposuction helps in removal of loose skin because the suction of the fat layer allows you to stretch the skin further. Obviously, this is more effective the thicker the layer of fat.

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Mr Richard Baker Blog

Some great new technologies – HIFU and Miradry

I attended the CCR expo in London which is the aesthetic surgery conference and exhibition.

I was particularly interested to hear about the new technologies such as HIFU, which is high frequency ultrasound treatments for tightening the skin and reducing the fat content which helps improve the contour of the face, neck and body; I’m thinking about introducing this to my patients.

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