An increasingly popular request is for buttock lifting which is achieved through the use of silicone implants or your own fat in a procedure commonly known as the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’.  The benefit of using your own fat is that fat can be removed from an area where there is too much and injected into an area that has too little to sculpt the buttocks into an aesthetically pleasing shape.

Who is suitable?

Both men and women can have the  procedure. Most people are suitable for silicone implants provided they have realistic expectations and enough skin to accommodate the extra volume.  If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift then you must have enough spare fat to be removed, processed and reinjected into the buttocks.

What does the operation involve?

If implants are used then a small incision is made in the natural crease of the buttocks and an appropriately sized implant is inserted under the skin, on top of the gluteal muscles of the buttock. If using your own fat, the areas for liposuction are carefully marked out (usually abdomen, thighs and or flanks) and a small incision made to allow the liposuction cannula to be introduced to harvest the fat.  Once adequate volume of fat has been removed, the fat is processed and prepared for reinjection. Small incisions are made around the buttock area and the fat reinjected under the skin and into the gluteal muscles to increase volume of the buttocks.  The fat is then sculpted and shaped to produce aesthetically pleasing buttocks.

What happens after the operation?

Normally patients stay for one night in the hospital. They are encouraged to mobilise after the operation, discomfort permitting. All patients wear a compression garment for 6 weeks after the operation to help minimise swelling and discomfort. Patients can expect to be off work and driving for 2-4 weeks, gentle sporting activity for 6 weeks and contact sports for 3 months. The benefits of a buttock lift are visible immediately and the final result should become evident fully by 3-6 months after the operation.

If your own fat is used for buttock lifting then the amount of fat that remains after surgery varies between patients however we would expect at least 50% of the fat injected to remain permanently. The scars take anything up to 12-18 months to reach their final state and patients will be encouraged to start massaging the scars from 6 weeks after surgery. After both procedures patients should avoid prolonged sitting for 6 weeks.

How long do the results last?

The benefits of body contouring procedures can last a life time. However, if a patient gains or loses weight excessively for example, the shape of the buttocks will change as the rest of your body may change. Therefore, it is essential for patients to maintain their results by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

What are the risks?

Minor wound Infection and wound dehiscence (delayed healing) are the most common complications, followed by bleeding and/or seroma formation and prominent or hypertrophic scars. Contour irregularities (bumpiness) and slight asymmetry are also possible. The risk of these complications as well infection and blood clots in the legs are increased by being overweight, smoking, oral contraceptives and diabetes.