10th September 2020

Written by a patient at The London Welbeck Hospital

I have recently undergone abdominalplasty and liposuction following 4 stone weight loss.  Mr Baker explained everything in great detail and was very supportive of my decision.  He gave me realistic expectations and quite frankly they have exceeded what I imagined.  He was always available for advice or if I had concerns and was happy to see me if required post op.  Absolutely amazing surgeon and a genuinely lovely man.  Thank you Mr Baker, you have changed my life for good!


28th July 2020

Written by a patient at Spire Thames Valley Hospital

Mr Baker recently performed my Brachioplasty surgery. At my consultation he was very informative and explained the procedure and explained to me all the things I should expect and how the operation would be performed.  I had my operation at the Welbeck clinic in London. The staff and nurses were excellent and made me feel at ease. Mr Baker spoke to me before the surgery to check all was ok and again after. I felt very relaxed. After the operation I felt fine and had no pain in the next few days a little discomfort but no pain I was extremely pleased on how I felt. Mr Baker saw me a few days after the operation and a week after to check and change the dressings. My bandages stayed on for about 6 weeks. When the bandages were removed I was very pleased on how slim my arms looked there was some scarring which I expected but is under my arm and not noticeable  Now after six months the scarring is getting less and I was informed at my consultation this could take up to two years but I am very happy at present with the results I and take a great delight in being able to wear sleeveless tops after many years off wearing long sleeves.  So far I am amazed at the results and how much self-confidence the surgery has given to me. Mr Baker has done an amazing job and I would recommend him for any surgical procedure.


15th July 2020

Written by a patient at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital

Mr Baker performed Carpel Tunnel and Trigger Finger surgery on my hand less than 48 hours ago. The bandages and dressings are off already, the wounds are very clean, no bruising or infection and I am pain free. The procedure was calm and I felt relaxed throughout. I am very grateful for all he did for me, his empathy and swift resolution of the problem.


8th April 2020

Written by a patient at Wexham Park Hospital

Mr Baker is an excellent surgeon. I had an implant in my left thumb. He was very friendly and explained all I needed to know. Aftercare was explained very well. The surgery went extremely well with no problems. After just under two months my scar is barely visible. Would definitely recommend Mr Baker and thankyou. The original pain has totally gone.


3rd April 2020

Written by a patient at Spire Thames Valley Hospital

Following a fall in the summer I was left with a real problem with my left wrist. I was in constant pain, my wrist clicked when I used it and on occasions it gave way. As I am a rowing coach it meant I struggled to drive a launch or my car and I ended up wearing a wrist support all the time. When I first consulted Mr Baker he suggested I tried steroid injections but after the first one I felt very little benefit so he said that I need to have either a carpectomy or a wrist fusion.  I was very lucky that as my cartilage was intact Mr Baker was able to perform a carpectomy which has left me with more movement than if I had required a fusion.  From the time I first met with Mr Baker until the follow up, I felt extremely well looked after. Mr Baker listened to me and seemed to understand my problem. He explained exactly what the surgery would involve, gave me a timeline of how my rehabilitation would progress and he made the effort to come up to see both me and my husband after the surgery and could even show us photos of the operation.  My progress following the surgery has been fantastic. I have no pain, swelling or numbness and although I have a small limitation to my movement, it really makes very little difference to anything I need to do.  I would highly recommend Mr Baker.


24th February 2020

Written by a patient at Wexham Park Hospital

I had a breast augmentation with mr Richard Baker,  From the moment I meet mr Baker I knew he was the right surgeon for me, He listened to what I wanted, He is so professional in what he does. I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery, the scars are super neat, I would like to thank mr Baker and his team it’s been life changing for me!  Thanks again


10th January 2020

Written by a patient at Wexham Park Hospital

Mr Baker was absolutely amazing. I saw him as I wanted very old implants removed. He went through the process with me, explaining the scarring, how long the procedure would last and what to expect afterwards. He and his team were absolutely fantastic on the day of the procedure, going through each step with me and making me feel at ease. I not only had the implants removed but also had reconstructive surgery otherwise I would have just had hanging bags at the end. My breasts are perfect and I am thrilled. The scarring is very small as the incisions were thin and extremely neat and they have faded over the last few weeks already. The after care service was five star, with regular check ups with Mr Baker and the breast nurse, Carmell. I would never hesitate to use Mr Baker again, in fact, I wouldn’t want anyone else.


8th December 2019

Written by a patient at Wexham Park Hospital

I ripped my thumb off and snapped the ligament off the bone in my right hand (adductor tendon incised). I was very frightened but had to trust someone – I was very lucky to be put under Richard Baker’s care. He booked me into theatre – Even though the ward was full, he found me a bed.   Before the operation, Richard and his assistants Rachel and Haroon, were great in explaining the surgery procedure and how, until they had opened up my thumb, the full extent of my injury would not be known. Also the risks were explained to me, though, as above, I had to trust someone.   During the operation Richard found my ligament and reattached it to my bone using a Mitex anchor. He put my hand into a cast and I kept it raised – It was very painful initially and I was worried the anchor would come out. However that was more in my mind than reality, as nearly two months later, I’ve built confidence and been discharged!  After two weeks I had my cast replaced (I chose a pink one with glitter!), then after another two weeks I had another cast for a week. Then I was transferred to hand therapy and was given another, smaller cast, so I could start using my fingers and doing gentle thumb exercises.   Two months later my scar is very neat and becomes less conspicuous each day. My thumb is getting stronger and I’m doing lifting, stretching and pinching exercises.   I am incredibly grateful and thankful to Richard Baker, his wonderful Plastics team at Wexham Park Hospital, his operation assistants including Haroon, Liz who changed my dressing, Hayley who arranged my appointments, cast ladies who were very patient, and Stephanie and Lauren in hand therapy. Not forgetting the nurse who kindly did my hair in a plait for theatre as I was distressed and couldn’t use my thumb.  I would highly recommend Richard Baker. I was worried I’d never be able to use my thumb again but Richard Baker has given me the confidence and courage to realise that I will be able to #savemythumb #iamverylucky


6th December 2019

Written by a patient at Wexham Park Hospital

I recently had a cmc joint replacement with myo-prothesis. The operation was done by Mr. Baker. I have had problems with both my hands for more than a decade. The care both before and after the surgery was excellent. I am delighted with the results. I have an improved range of motion in the thumb and the wrist. The scarring is minimal and very tidy. I believe this has been the best care and most attentive follow up that I have received. I am very grateful to Mr. Baker for improving my hand.


6th December 2019

Written by a patient at Wexham Park Hospital

Mr Baker has been amazing he has performed several operations on myself due to a skin condition and has always been approachable helped me the best he can and changed my life. We have had complications after the latest surgery which meant he had to do 2 further ops this week but all is looking well. Thank you Mr B


15th October 2019

Written by a patient at Wexham Park Hospital

Doctor Richard Baker made me feel that I was in safe hands, it was good to be treated with professionalism and care. I was very pleased with my experience. Thank you Dr Richard!  Evanilde Souza


15th October 2019

Written by a patient at Spire Thames Valley Hospital

Mr Baker performed a trapeziectomy on my left thumb and within 10 weeks apart from very slight stiffness my thumb seems to be working well.All of the arthritic pain has gone and I feel I have had excellent treatment and results.


November 2018

Absolutely over the moon with my results! Mr Baker made me feel comfortable and made sure I was always happy and understood everything. I would highly recommend him! Will most definitely be asking to have him as my surgeon again.

October 2018

My experience with Richard was very good. He was very understanding about what I wanted to achieve and has done a very good job of my full tummy tuck. The scar that I have now I didn’t think would be so good. The whole experience from consultation through to six weeks after check-up was excellent including all the staff around him which made it so easy. Thank you so much, you have made me so happy.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my surgery by Mr Richard Baker Plastic Surgeon. Thank-you Mr Baker, for taking excellent care of me.

September 2018

Mr Richard Baker was the surgeon for my breast reduction. He took me from a JJ to a DD, making me his biggest reduction so far. I am overly happy with the results Mr Baker has given me, I now look in proportion with my body and feel lighter, so can continue with my dancing and fitness and even buy smaller clothes, which is a nice feeling. I would highly recommend Mr Richard Baker for your breast reduction because he listens to what you want and why and he also checks in with you during your aftercare process.

I had a breast enlargement and am now 14 weeks post-surgery and could not be happier. The care and support I had from all the staff and Richard were second to none. The confidence I feel since my surgery is amazing, and all my family and friends have noticed a huge difference in the way I carry myself and the confidence I have gained. Thank-you.

June 2018

Mr Baker performed an amputation of my finger and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He is a brilliant surgeon and would happily refer him.

May 2018

I had my left carpal tunnel surgery with Mr Baker at Spire Thames Valley Hospital. The quick efficient surgery made me feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure.  I would highly recommend Mr Richard Baker.

March 2018

I was really pleased with the outcome of my breast augmentation and the incisions are healing well at 14 weeks. Mr Baker offered me advice on sizing and let me make my own choices. I would recommend Richard Baker as a Plastic Surgeon.

February 2018

Mr Baker is a highly skilled Plastic Surgeon. I am absolutely delighted with the results. I would use Mr Baker for any future cosmetic procedures I may have. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.